Residential Interior Painting

Interior Residential Painting Services
At Painting Ninjas, we pride ourselves in being maestros at the delicate job of interior painting. The key to a long-lasting, vivid and vibrant painting job lies in the preparation. We undertake this facet of the process with utmost care ensuring we deliver on our promises. However, our services are adept at much more than the preparation.
Ensuring Durability:
• The need for a new paint job exists because of a past failure. In order to provide a long term solution, we evaluate the root cause of the current problems and set to work expertly fixing it.
• We discern which paint and plaster has to be removed and which is likely to remain solid for decades.
• We identify appropriate methods of failed paint removal and plaster stabilization.
• We recognize the type of paint and plaster and the current condition of the surfaces.
• Considering the materials to be painted or stained, and client preferences, we determine the type of paints, stains or primer to be used.
Client Satisfaction:
• Our expert painters formulate a project plan based on your convenience. We do our best to fit into our clients’ schedule and accommodate any sort of challenge, like other renovations, changing work hours or church hours, and pets.
• We responsibly protect property, floors, carpets, and other non-painted surfaces.
• Plaster debris, paint chips and dust are critically contained using specialized equipment.
• We encase our work areas so that dust does not migrate to other areas.
• We always leave the job site as clean as it was before, maybe even cleaner.
Impeccable preparation:
• To remove any dirt, oil, grease and polishes/cleaners, the surfaces to be worked on are thoroughly washed.
• We remove all the damaged and blemished paint and plaster so that there is a solid foundation for new paint. To do this, a number of methods like hand scraping, power sanding and paint stripping method are integrated.
• The surfaces are then patched up, repaired, stabilized and smoothened.
• We fill all screw holes and gaps so that the final product looks seamless.
• We also feather sand ridges and ease edges of woodwork in order to maximize beauty.
• We pick colors according to the clients’ preference. We also ensure that we buy only premium quality material.
• Highly skilled workers work diligently to create exquisite, enduring finery.
• Items that require periodic maintenance are attended to efficiently.
Why hire us?
Our clients place their trust in us by choosing our services. At Painting Ninjas, we pay back that trust by enthusiastically devoting ourselves to work. We look forward to an opportunity to work for you!