Residential Exterior Painting

A rich long-lasting exterior painting job is crucial to a beautiful home. We, at Painting Ninjas, excel in the meticulous preparation required for a durable and vibrant exterior paint job. To make the best first impression of your home, we only use primers, paints, caulk and other materials of premium quality.
Our Exterior Residential Painting Process
We pay the utmost attention to the preferences and requirements of our clients. A comprehensive plan is formulated based on your convenience. We accommodate any sort of challenge during painting such as other renovations, church hours, extreme heights or pets.
We spend time to evaluate why the existing paint job has failed. We ferret out the root cause and take logistical action to provide a long term solution. The prerequisite to our adept paint job involves the following steps:
• Discerning which paint needs to be removed and which will last
• Identifying the most appropriate method of paint removal
• Recognizing the type of wood and the type of existing paint
• Determining the type of primer and the type of paints
Our painters, through experience and exertion, have perfected this process. Therefore, the end result of our paint job is exquisite, enduring finery unique to Painting Ninjas.
Why hire Painting Ninjas?
There are four golden standards to which our company adheres, enabling us to give our clients not just a satisfactory, but delightful experience of our services.
1. Impeccable preparation
• We thoroughly wash the surfaces to be coated to remove any contamination.
• We remove the failed paint employing a combination of appropriate methods.
• Holes are patched up and gaps are caulked to prevent water infiltration.
• Surfaces are smoothened.

2. Diligent workmanship
• We provide real paint samples of the colors to be used beforehand to our clients.
• We work according to our client’s preferences.
• We never compromise on high quality materials.
• Appearance and durability maximized with innovative application methods.
• Specifically trained and skilled workmanship.

3. Protection
• Property, vegetation and other non-painted surfaces will be responsibly protected.
• We take critical measures, such as employing special containment equipment, to minimize the dust and paint chips pollution.
• We clean up before we leave.

4. Commitment
• We respond to items that require periodic maintenance quickly and effectively.
We at Painting Ninjas LLC believe and prove that we are the best. We not only satisfy our customers but exceed their expectations. We hope to be of your service soon!