Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Services
With pressure washing services, convert dull faded looking walls into bright inviting structures. Pressure washing can be effective in cleaning exteriors, pavements, sidewalks, windows, glass structures, parking areas and much more! Freshly washed exteriors give your home a great first impression! Painting Ninja’s professional power washing services will leave you awed at the inner beauty of your property previously hidden with layers of dirt.
Advantages Of Pressure Washing
Clean surfaces reduce the interaction of foreign elements with the walls increasing their durability. Accumulated residue, filth, grime, salt left by blowing winds can react with paint, aluminum, stone, concrete, glass, etc. The chemical reaction leads to rusting or oxidation of the walls. This causes cracks, holes, discoloration, streaks, etc. which weakens these walls.
Increase the lifetime of your walls with our professional high pressure cleaning services. Power washing uses high speed jets of hot water to grovel out dirt that has settled in. Safe and efficient, power washing can clean large areas within minutes. More effective than manual cleaning, power washing comes highly recommended for difficult to reach areas.
Why hire Painting Ninja’s Power Washing Services
Our cleaners are trained to clean all kinds of surfaces. We are equipped with the latest technology and chemical reagents. We are known for using highly cleansing environmentally-friendly non-toxic cleaning agents. We choose our fluids and technology based on the surface type. We are known to provide the best high pressure cleaning surfaces in the country.
Our clients are wowed at the difference seen in the structures once we are done with them. Expert cleaning and competitive prices without disturbing your work schedule, Painting Ninja’s are always the way to go!
Types Of Surfaces We Clean
Following are the types of surfaces we clean.
• Aluminum siding
• Vinyl siding
• Stone surfaces
• Concrete and brick walls
• Cinderblock walls
• Sidewalks
• Pathways
• Parking lots
• Elevated/underground structures
• Trash containers
• Dumpsters (for disinfection and removal of odor)
• Tiles
• Timber
• Fascia
• Eaves
Surfaces are cleaned of the following.
• Dirt
• Dust and grime
• Residue from pollution
• Graffiti
• Sand
• Grit and salt
• Oil and other fluids
• Leaves
• Trash
• Debris
Our Professional Cleaning Services
Our professional cleaning services include the following.
• Residential houses cleaning services
• Commercial building cleaning services
• Mold Removal
• High Pressure Cleaning
• Low Pressure Cleaning
• Strip & Seal
• And much more!
For Painting Ninja’s LLC, no mess is too messy! We are game to cleaning anything and everything! We hope to see you soon.