Interior Commercial Painting

Paint makes all the difference in the world! With experts like us, do away with old battered walls and bring in a cozy homely ambience. We are what we say, painting ninjas!
What takes others weeks, we do in a matter of minutes. Painting your home no longer has to be a hassle.
Interiors We Paint ON
We paint the following surfaces.
• Kitchens
• Dining Rooms
• Living Rooms
• Bedrooms
• Bathrooms
• Hallways
• Basements
• Greenhouses
• Home Offices
• Nurseries
• Foyers
• Doors
• Windows
• Pretty much any surface you show us!
Hiring Our Services
Just give us a call and we take care of everything else. We set up a date to inspect the surfaces to ensure we are perfect finish. In the initial follow up, we –
• Confirm the color
• Confirm the paints to be used
• Ask for valuables to be removed
• Confirm the date
On the day of the home makeover, we –
• Inspect all surfaces
• Ensure that the paint is suitable
• Prepare the walls
• Remove wallpaper
• Reverse drywall
• Fill holes
• Replace knobs
• Caulk windows
• And display our magic!
Advantages Of Choosing Our Services
1. Our Choice Of Colors
Choosing the right colors to match walls is no easy task. We are experts in providing advice for the best combinations. Our Color Theory 101:
• Monochromatic colors –Single colors with varied textures and shades. Suitable for elderly people.
• Analogous Colors – Combination of two to three colors. Suitable for all ages.
• Complementary Colors – Contrasting colors like pink and white, yellow and blue, etc. Suitable for young children.

2. Pricing
We always give value to your money. Our professional painting services are on par with our price range. We offer exceptional and creative interior painting services at competitive prices. We ensure that there are no hidden costs and that you know what you are in for. The best quality services for the least price possible!
3. Customer Service
Our agents will always be in constant touch with you. Any small change will be notified at once. We ensure that your life is not rendered upside down due to the re-painting. We prep your walls before painting. We cover all surfaces that are not to be painted. We clean up too. We ensure that your daily activities are not disturbed.
We also use non-toxic environmentally friendly paints that are vibrant, long lasting and fresh. Our paints, craftsmen, customer service and prices come highly recommended. We are best at what we do. We hope to showcase our expertise to you soon!