Fence Painting

First impression is always the best impression! The contrast of the fence against the wall of a house is the first thing noticed by any passerby. A homely looking house with the classic white fence is always a showstopper. With Painting Ninjas, materialize your dream home with the perfect fence!
Why Painting Fences
Fences are not just painted for aesthetics but for protection as well. Fences are subjected to direct rain, sunlight, wind, pests, birds, etc. This causes the fence to become withered. Some types of wood can even turn gray if untreated.
Effects Of Exposure On Wood
Most wood are water penetrable. Rain and moisture seeps in and the wood warps and cracks. Small cracks become bigger. This makes the wood look battered. Painting and staining can prevent this.
Painting fences increases durability by 10 years. Staining helps show off the natural grain of wood. A combination of both is effective in obtaining optimal UV and moisture protection.
Why Hire Painting Ninjas
Unlike other companies, we prep our fences to maximize fence protection and aesthetics. A wooden fence will be washed, scraped, sanded, and primed before the application of paint. We then stain the fence.
Once prepped, dried and stained, first coat of paint is applied. A second coat and paint protect is applied a day later.
A metal fence is prepped with the application of oxide primer with a wire brush. This prevents it from rusting. Wooden fences are primed with a regular primer.
With a very diligent process, we make sure that our services are long lasting. Our painters are trained in each of our services specifically. We do not leave anything to chance.
Our Specialties
We are experts in the following services.
• Wooden fence painting
• Aluminum fence painting
• Vinyl fence painting
• Chain link fence painting
• PVC fence painting
• Iron fence painting
• Wooden fence staining
• Aluminum and metal fence staining
• Iron fence staining
• Oak fence staining
• Cypress fence staining
• Redwood fence staining
• Pine fence staining
• And much more!
With Painting Ninjas on your side, you are assured to get professional and long lasting results. We ensure that you are just as protected as your fence. We use only premium quality products that are non-toxic, environment and user friendly. Our skilled craftsman are experts in choosing the best paint suitable for the fence.
Moreover, our paints are resistant to UV radiation, high winds and rain. With the best paints and the best painters, stop your search for fence painting services! We hope to see you soon.