Deck Painting

At Painting Ninjas LLC, we live up to our name – our skilled, swift and diligent painters will transform your weather-beaten, uninviting deck into a peaceful haven to enjoy the beautiful sun come summer. To keep it sturdy and untarnished, we stain and paint it to protect it from Mother Nature and make it look great all year round.
Why hire professional deck painting services?
Even if your deck is not large, painting and staining it is a difficult job best left to professionals. Following are the benefits of hiring us.
• We are capable of both cleaning and giving a good finish.
• We do our job according to our clients’ needs and preferences.
• You can choose a natural looking color or a themed color.
• We’ll help you create the perfect look for your outdoor space.
• Each type of deck finish has its own practical benefits. The job is done such that your deck can withstand changing weather conditions.
• Therefore, we ensure that it is always in good shape and maximum beauty.
Benefits of deck painting
• Unkempt wood often breaks down quickly when left to nature’s whims. Wood can twist, warp and crack in reaction to moisture.
• Long term exposure to sunlight can break down wood.
• A combination of sunlight and moisture will leave the wood vulnerable to fungi and wood rot.
• Therefore, you should never leave your deck unfinished.
• You can either paint or stain your deck in order to finish it.
• Paint can protect wood from sunlight and moisture for up to ten years.
• Staining will show off the natural grain of the wood and give you a high-end look, but it is not as good as paint to stave off fungi and rot.
• Stain does not protect from sunlight and moisture, and decks will likely have to be re-stained every 3-4 years.
Our valued deck painting services
We pride ourselves in being maestros in the delicate job of painting. Our skilled and experienced painters excel in doing a durable and vibrant painting job. We give utmost importance to our clients’ satisfaction, and do our best to fit into your schedule and accommodate any sort of challenge.
Our painters also value cleanliness, and we encase our work area and clean up before we leave. We use premium, environment friendly materials only.
Every surface that we tackle is given a magnificent makeover. Our job is done only when we see our clients’ smiles of satisfaction!