Cabinet Painting

Painting Ninja’s LLC – We are our name! We are ninja’s at painting all kinds of things but our cabinet painting services earn rave reviews. We transform a lifeless looking kitchen into an exquisite diner at a fraction of the cost it takes to remodel and replace the cabinets. With our meticulous preparation, we ensure proper paint adhesion, surface protection and a dust containment system that leaves the kitchen spotless.

Our finishing is very durable and non-toxic. Our trained craftsmen deliver a better looking kitchen than you expect! Below are some highlights of our services.

Choose Your Appearance
• Select any color
• Choose your preferred sheen level
• Brushed appearance (optional)
• Spray finish (optional)
• Glazing or decoratively designed finish
• Faux wood graining (for a wood-like appearance)
• Replacement of hardware if required

Skilled Craftsmanship
• Paint that blends in (doesn’t look like it has been painted)
• Smoothened surfaces
• Eased edges
• Crisp lines at non-painted edges

Painting Ninja’s Guarantee
• Samples provided for approval before painting
• No color variation to the samples and the actual paint
• Colors do not fade or yellow

Why Our Services Are Valued
We use environmentally products that are safe for all kinds of people including children. Our craftsmen test and research to only choose high performing environmentally friendly products. We are pioneers in finding only non-toxic waterborne paints and coating products with a low VOC that safe for all living beings inhabiting the home. Even our solvents are non-toxic.
We use innovative technology to spray our paints during the finish. Our paints are water borne PUR paints that dry quickly blend into the surface and are durable. The painted surfaces can be cleaned using water and a scrub with no fear paint discoloration. The whole process is dust-free. We ensure that are surfaces not to be painted are covered appropriately.
Our craftsmen prepare the cabinets to be painted so that paint is optimally sprayed and nothing is left to waste. We make sure that the area to be painted is properly ventilated and dries up quickly. We are quick in our work and take a maximum of one week. We do not disturb the rest of the kitchen. Our services cost one-tenth of the replacement and remodeling of the kitchen. We are also capable of painting cabinets of any room.
Every surface is skillfully painted to give a brand new appearance. We only leave once we have seen your smile of satisfaction!